What we do


Morgan Wallace Associates provides insight, strategies and analysis that can only come from experience; experience that will lead you and your organization to success. We assist you from  strategy development through final closing - and help every step along the way.

Mentoring & Coaching 

Morgan Wallace Associates also offers a seminar called The Kids Will Be All Right!™ Ideal for companies who desire to assist their female employees and executives with handling their family responsibilities with their career, once children arrive on the scene. 

Our mission

Your success is our success. Morgan Wallace always strives to find the right deal and deal structure that will create value and grow your business.

how we can help you

Mergers & Acquisitions 

Taking your strategic plan for growth into account, we offer consulting for complementing your internal R&D efforts with targeted M&A transactions to achieve your growth targets.

Assessment and Strategy Development

MW helps you develop the roadmap for success.

Target identification

Based on the strategy, MW finds and profiles key targets.

Due diligence - all phases

After choosing the best target, MW is at your side for all aspects of due diligence to ensure you have the greatest success.

Negotiations / closing

MW works with you to ensure the best outcome on a timely basis.


The most critical phase, MW helps design and implement the plan that ensures a smooth transition and integration post close.

Mentoring & Coaching 

A seminar for female employees or executives who are juggling a career with their family responsibilities. 

The Seminar
The seminar is conducted by Meg Helms, President, and her Millennial daughter, Julia Helms. You will not want to miss this great opportunity to help your employees. 
How the seminar can help
The Kids Will Be Alright!™  is a seminar filled with historical information, and practical advice, and leaves time for audience participation. The seminar also provides quantitative data from proprietary Millennial surveys on their attitudes of towards their working mothers. It is very enlightening for participants, giving them hope and proof that their career choice will most likely have a positive effect on their children.
Who The seminar is for
The Kids Will Be All Right!™ seminar is ideal for companies, corporations or associations who desire to assist their female employees and executives with the best approach for handling both children and a challenging career. The seminar focuses on working mothers who choose to work or must work, and gives them hope, via the speaker's personal experience, audience sharing and proprietary data from Millennial surveys, that their children will derive many positives from having a working mother. Please contact us for more information about fees and scheduling.