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about morgan wallace associates

Morgan Wallace Associates, LLC is a full-service global M&A consulting firm specializing in healthcare, with a focus on medical device, biologics ad drug technologies.

Our Skills

Morgan Wallace will assist you from strategy development to final closing. Our expert insights, strategies and analysis comes from experience - and will lead to successful deals for you.

  • Strategy Assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Target Profiling
  • Licensing
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotations / Contract Review
  • Integration Post-Closing

Why Choose Us?

proven success  Clientele  Guarantee

Closed dozens of deals ranging from $500k to nearly 500MM.

Experience with broad range of transactions:

Publicly Traded & Privately Held Acquisitions


In/Out Licensing


Distribution/Supply Agreements

Equity Investments

Integration Post-Deal

From strategy development through closing and integration, full-service support available.

Morgan Wallace offers over 30+ years experience in healthcare industry.

Potential Clientele:
Small/mid-cap device/biologics/pharma companies who want to grow their business via BD/L, M&A transactions. 
Private equity/venture capital firms needing industry insights.

Your success is our success. Morgan Wallace will always strive to find the right deal and deal structure to grow your business and create value. 

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 PO Box 648 Rocky Hill, NJ 08553
 (908) 202-7972