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m&a advisory

Morgan Wallace Associates provides insight, strategies and analysis that can only come from experience; experience that will lead you and your organization to success.


View the market.


Select a candidate.


Ability to evaluate and rationalize your selection.


Identify resources.


Build a nimble and effective team.

m&a process

Stages of L,M&A

Business development through Licensing, Mergers & Acquisitions occurs along a continuum, starting with an idea and if successful, ultimately ending with integration post deal.

Strategy Assessment

The most critical step. What should we do? Where are we in our growth trajectory? Should we be looking for outside partners or rely on internal R&D? Is there an opportunity to sell the company? Should we acquire a company, divest a technology or develop a spin off?

Strategy development / L,M&A roadmap

You know where you want to go, what you need is a clear road map to help you get there, to guide you along the right path.

Target profiling & discussions

Find the right company or companies who are potential partners. Manage the process to narrow down and select the best option. every step of the way, build relationships that lead to a successful transaction or partnership.

Due Diligence (All Phases)

You must ask the right questions to get the right answers. Your deal depends upon it. We work in conjunction with your finance, legal, and other team members to ensure that there is a thorough understanding of the process. This step involves project management and oversight expertise, as well as relationship management. 

Negotiations/Contract Review

This is a critical step. We help you manage this complicated process and get favorable terms for your transactions, creating a win - win environment in the process.

integration post-closing

Now that the deal is closed - we can help ensure you achieve your goals post-closing, which is the real measure of success.

Why Choose Morgan Wallace

Meg Helms - President
Meg successfully closed dozens of L,M&A transactions. Equally important are the hundreds of deals that were NOT executed, for the right reasons, as a result of Meg's input, experience and keen insight into the complexities of the L,M&A landscape. 

Before Morgan Wallace Associates, Meg was the Worldwide Director of Business Development for Johnson & Johnson Wound Care, the biologics division of ETHICON. Meg was instrumental in building the portfolio for this J&J start-up by combining existing products (devices) with product acquisitions (biologics). During Meg's tenure, this start-up grew into a unique and significant Business Unit of ETHICON.
Our experience
Closed dozens of deals ranging from $500k to neary $500MM.

Market Segments:
Biologics for Hemostasis & Sealing
Wound Care
Women's Health Care
Cardiovascular & Cardiology
Infection Prevention
General Surgery (hernia mesh)

Advisory Services - global:
Acquisitions / Mergers
In/Out licensing 
Equity Investments
Integration Post-Deal
Our Network
Highly experienced partners who provide complementary skills where and when they are needed allowing for greater flexibility and to ensure customization and high service levels for every engagement.
Our Clientele
Small to mid-cap medical device / biologics / pharma companies who want to grow their business via BD/L,M&A transactions

Private Equity / Venture Capital firms seeking industry insights and relationships.

Select large cap companies who seek in-depth expertise in a targeted industry vertical, or need extra capacity at peak periods.