Julia Helms

As a Sourcing Associate with Global Procurement (GP) at BMS, Julia is gaining deep knowledge of multiple R&D categories through contracting, strategic planning, and presenting innovative ideas to Business partners. She enjoys the multi-faceted, well-informed approach Procurement takes to solving problems. Julia is looking forward to taking full advantage of her Sourcing Excellence Leadership Development program through experiencing GP’s unique position as a unit that spans the entire business from development through post-launch.

Julia began her career in wound care medical device business development and marketing as an Assistant Business Development Manager with EuroMed, Inc. In 2013, she was promoted to Associate Project Manager where she developed technical acumen as well as honed her interdepartmental communication/collaboration skills. Previously, Julia developed a strong foundation in Worldwide Marketing and Market Research during three internships for Wound Management at Ethicon, Inc. a Johnson & Johnson company.

Julia is an active HBA member, volunteer, and Speaker with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Metro Chapter. She is currently training for her first Triathlon with the HBA’s Fit to Lead team.